Things to know before you hire the best wedding photographers in Delhi NCR?

Isn’t it true, ever since you came to your senses, you imagined your big day in your hindsight? You have lived and re-lived every moment that your imagination can curate. And now, when you are getting married and your wedding day is nearing, everything is seeming surreal. You sure want to capture every moment of your wedding rituals to cherish those moments for life. 

Being a Delhite, you have been to plenty of big fat Indian weddings. You have enjoyed and mind-framed ideas for your big day. But arranging a picture-perfect wedding for yourself without any help would be a nerve-wracking task in itself. And that is where we at Vows and Tales can make it easier for you. Make Vows and Tales a part of your journey, and we will help you to find the best wedding photographers in Delhi NCR.


Our team will assist you in every possible way to create a magical experience of a lifetime. We will suggest to you the most creative and professional photographers. They are not only skilled but enthusiastic about recreating your dreams, ideas, and aesthetics into reality; Photographers who are experienced in reimagining the moments you want for your weddings. 

Hire the Best Wedding Photographers in Delhi @Vowsandtales

Marriage is one of the most memorable memories of one’s life and, therefore, capturing every tiny detail of your wedding day becomes an important task. But on the wedding day, you would be busy living those moments amidst a horde of friends and family who all would be there to celebrate the union of two loving hearts. You cannot afford to miss any little detail. Therefore, you need a dedicated team of professional wedding photographers to capture all the emotions of the happiest day of your life.


At Vows and Tales, our goal is to value emotions and cherish moments. We have a creative eye for details. We do not bombard our clients with our ideas but value what they want for the day and assist them accordingly. And when it comes to documenting those ideas and recreating those visions into reality, we dedicate our hearts and souls. We can suggest to you the best wedding photographers in Delhi NCR so that they can make out the best of your moments and seize them as memories for life. 

Looking for the best wedding photographers in Delhi NCR?

Weddings are not just an event but a celebration of the union of hearts, hands, and families. It is not just the best day of your life but a ceremony that blesses the story of your love, and it needs beautiful retelling. What can be better than wedding photographs? These snaps will seize the moments of your joy so that you and your family can relive those memories for years and years through the photographs.


And if you are looking for help to weave your tale enticingly, then let us help you.

We at Vows and Tales create handcrafted tales of love. We believe every story is unique and needs a storyteller who can visualize the moments of your life. We can help you to create enthralling tales through our team of best wedding photographers in Delhi NCR. We will never let you down as we value what your eyes are looking for in your photographers. We have a team of professionals who are best at their skills, and you can hire them without any second thoughts. We have the best wedding photographers in Delhi NCR, and you will believe it without a doubt once you converse with them.

Why do Vows and Tales provide the best wedding photographers in Delhi?

At Vows and Tales, nothing makes us happier than the happy smiles and happier moments we capture. And it is only possible because we have skilled photographers who are not only experienced but immensely talented. They are gifted with creative powers through which they enhance the beauty of every snap they click. We provide the best wedding photographers in Delhi NCR as we know what importance it holds for you and your family.


We love to know the couple and their families before the event as we understand not only you but the emotions of your family are intertwined with the wedding. We provide customized services for every couple because, for us, every couple is unique. Also, it is our goal to revise and renew newer ways to stylize our couples and create picture stories that no one has ever imagined.


To catch the best moments in our lens, we have dedicated teams designated for each service, starting from candid photography to cinematic videography. You will experience everything from candid photography to traditional photography; pre-wedding couple photoshoots to couple portraits; black and white photography to drone-equipped videography; artistic and aesthetic photography. Name any style, and we can arrange for it at your doorstep.

Things to discuss with your wedding photographer

After making up your mind about the photography team, it would be best for you to sit and relax as our team at Vows and Tales will take care of the rest. However, it is important that before the event commences, you should make time for discussing the events with the photographers and inform them about your needs and desires. Inform the dates that they need to cover and ask them about their moderations in budgets and taxes.


Also, you must talk to our photographers personally, it will help you to get familiar with their style of photography. This will enable them to know you a bit better. It helps them to capture you at your best. This will help you to let go of your camera shyness. Moreover, our team is good at communication, and thus, the process gets easier.


We at Vows and Tales provide the best wedding photographers in Delhi NCR so that we can capture every moment that makes you smile on your D-day. You must understand our style of work and browse through our previous assignments. This is why our team sends you our work portfolios beforehand to get the feel and essence of the photographs we click. It can help you to trust us with our lenses.

Why book the best wedding photographers in Delhi NCR from Vowsandtales only?

Your wedding is a gala event for you and your family, and it is definitely a once-in-a-lifetime ceremony. For us, each and every moment is special. And we can ensure that it is going to be a memorable fairytale for you and your partner. You cannot miss capturing any of the emotions in your wedding album. And that is why you must hire the best wedding photographers in Delhi NCR from Vows and Tales.


Our team will never let you miss any significant moment of your wedding rituals. Our eye for detail and our mission to seize every ritual through photographs are evident in our photographs. You can browse through the website and decide for yourself. We are sure you would not wish to miss those precious clicks.


We are familiar with the rituals as our team is dedicated to their roles, we know everything about the moments you want us to freeze in our clicks. This makes us the best suitor for photographing you, your partner, and your families on your wedding day.

Mistakes you must avoid while hiring a wedding photographer in Delhi/NCR?

We have mentioned almost everything that you need to know and look for in a wedding photographer before hiring them. Now we must inform you about the common mistakes that you must avoid so that your wedding can go swiftly.



●    We understand that you might feel that your friends or relatives can cover the wedding accurately, but they might be amateurs, and any mistake on their side would be irreversible when it comes to wedding photography. Moreover, it is going to be embarrassing to discuss the pricing with them.


●    Also, you should avoid any kind of delay while hiring the best wedding photographers in Delhi NCR as our dates get prebooked. We would like to advise you to avoid being too rigid when it comes to hiring the best photographers.



●    It is not our arrogance, but as professionals, we wish to work on our own. Of course, we are open to suggestions, but we need to hear them beforehand. So that on D-Day, we can work hassle-free.


●    We would also ask you to sign formal contracts, and you must go throw them thoroughly before signing. This will avoid any kind of inconvenience that can arise on either part.