Choosing the Best Destination Wedding Photographers in Dubai for your Wedding?

Vows and Tales have always strived to capture the emotions, the feelings, and the essence of uniting the two families in the marriage that would be more than cherished in the years to come. Every couple has their own story to tell, and we put in our best efforts to know them and their story as well as they know each other. We intend to capture one of the most important days in their lives and for us, we have always believed that every couple is unique and their wedding day would make one of the most memorable days in their life.

How To Choose the Best Destination Wedding Photographers in Dubai?

Place, & Time & Budget

Dubai makes one of the best destinations for organizing your wedding, especially when the country is known for adding splendor to every celebration of theirs. We collect important information from the couple who wants their wedding in Dubai and are here to provide you with the direction and guide you through the photoshoots. Make sure that the best destination wedding photographers in Dubai is within your budget and always keep a range in your mind. It is not advised to follow the advice of people who preferred having extravagant photoshoots just because they wanted to. Love, admiration, and respect are something that you need to make sure to have when you are choosing the photographer because investing in your wedding pictures is a great idea especially when you will be getting your desired style and the quality of photography will be great.  

Look At Portfolios

You also need to make sure that you have the right portfolio because when you are shortlisting the best destination wedding photographers in Dubai, you need to make sure that they will suit you. We make sure to add the photos of the weddings we have done in our portfolio so that the bride and groom can get an idea of the quality of our work and the styles we curate too. 

Cost List is necessary

Make sure to talk about the cost list of the photographer and whether you will be able to hire them easily or not. We at Vows and Tales are transparent with the cost list and always encourage the clients to spell their inhibitions early so money does not remain the problem in the long run.

Have a mentally prepared list of the kind of photos you want and discuss it with your photographer. Vows and Tales provide the best Destination Wedding Photographers in Dubai due to its sheer experience and transparency. The best destination wedding photographers in Dubai have to be sensitive to the dynamics of the families. We believe that we make sure that we understand the family dynamics and make sure that we do our best to avoid creating awkward family dynamics. We also make sure that we set a proper amount of time for pictures of the families.  


We make sure there is consistency in the wedding shoot to help in making the couples’ dream wedding come to life.

“Must Have” Photo List

Having a must-have photo list also helps because then we know what exactly the couple does not want from us and will help us on focusing on making their wedding more personalized.  

Reach Out to the Photographer

The best destination wedding photographers in Dubai will also be supportive and encouraging. We do our best to be supportive and encouraging towards the couple and their families, and we almost end up blending in with the families of the bride and groom because of this. Our photographers are very good at communication. 

Personality of Photographer = Glue of the Wedding Photos

The best destination wedding photographers in Dubai will always put the couple at ease. Often, we come across couples who are not comfortable being in front of the camera, and we go out of our way to ensure that we make the couple feel comfortable, and look relaxed. Couples prefer having their pictures look candid and not posed or stiff, and they also want to ensure that photographers are not rude to their friends and family. 

Bond with the Photographer

Vows and Tales value making a real connection with you and this helps us in knowing the couple better and helps the couple be relaxed in our presence.

What To Look in The Best destination wedding photographers in Dubai?

Experience tells a lot!

Vows and Tales have the best bunch of destination wedding photographers in Dubai! The best destination wedding photographers in Dubai will always understand your vision for your wedding and will take time to understand it. Always hire people with vast experience. Vows and Tales have been in the business since 2013.

Photographer’s Willingness to Travel + Budgeting

Before you get on about hiring your best destination wedding photographers in Dubai, it is always advised to know the extra costs that are involved. The couple always has the choice of choosing the photographer that will give them the final price that will include all the expenses involved, inclusive of the location and the number of days, or they can take the team of photographers along with them and take care of the expenses of the trip. 

Talent and Style

We also advise the couple to be comfortable with us and allow us the creative freedom to spin their love story into something priceless that can be viewed by the generations to come.

There will also be one photographer who will document the groom getting ready, while the other photographer documents the bride getting ready. Moreover, we also make sure that every single step of the couple is recorded, from the whole ceremony to the destination wedding, there will be photographers documenting the whole ceremony. We take this opportunity memorable by capturing precious moments, feelings, and emotions on your day and make sure to compliment the whole ceremony with the memories made. 

Compatibility + Communication

We make sure that we do our best when it comes to making your dreams a reality. Communication plays a key role in understanding the vision the couple has and we push ourselves to make sure that not only do we communicate and gain a deeper clarity to what they expect from us and the wedding they would like to have, but we also make sure that we do our best in telling their story with our best destination wedding photographers in Dubai.

Things to Do After Choosing The Perfect Destination for Wedding Photoshoot!

Tell Your Wedding Story!

Tell about yourself to the photographers! These photographs are a huge investment of not only money and time, but also the energy of the individuals involved and the couple must choose the best destination wedding photographers in Dubai. One of the biggest benefits of having us as your photographers is that we have a team of photographers who will make sure to capture every moment in the wedding.

Your Personality!

Be clear in the kind of personality you want your destination wedding photoshoot to radiate. For this, it is essential that you talk to your hired photographers clearly and glibly. Communication is the key. We at Vows and Tales always urge our clients to tell us their story so we are able to capture it perfectly and purely!


Decide on the theme of your destination wedding shoot prior as many couples have different ideas and it is best that all of it is decided beforehand so there’s no room left for hassle or any kind of confusion.

Always visit the location of the photoshoot prior

Do not decide the location of the photoshoot in a hurry. It is best that you talk amongst yourselves first and let the photographer know the decision afterward. It is very important that both the couple and their preferred photographer visit the location of the destination wedding photoshoot beforehand to get the look and feel of the D-Day. We at Vows and Tales have never shied away from responsibilities and we never will!