Last-minute Tips On How To Choose The Best Destination Wedding Photographer in Udaipur. 

 A wedding is a sacred relationship between two people. It is a promise by two individuals that they will support each other in the highs and lows. It is the commitment by two people that they will love each other till eternity. It is a vow of protection. In India, however, a wedding is so much more than that. It is a union of two families and their promise to be for each other, no matter the circumstances. It is the sacred beginning of a new family and a lifelong commitment.


For a day that is so important in every individual’s life, we at Vows and Tales capture the true essence of marriage. We capture the moments of love, emotions, and joy of the two families becoming one. We bring out your truest self in the photographs so that if you look at your wedding photographs after years of your marriage, the entire day will flash in front of your eyes.


To help you choose the best destination wedding photographer in Udaipur, we have made some last-minute tips to follow while selecting the perfect photographer according to your needs.

Choosing the best destination photographer in Udaipur made easy. 

Best Destination Photographer in Udaipur

Set a place, time for the shoot

The first and foremost thing while choosing the best destination photographer in Udaipur is to plan the perfect place and time where you want to get the picture clicked. Every photographer is suited to meet different needs. Say, you need to click an indoor picture but the photographer has more experience at clicking outdoor pictures, what is the point of hiring him? So, set your requirements straight and look for a photographer who has the skills to fulfill them.

Plan your budget

The next thing that you must do is plan your budget. Allot a fixed amount of money to spend on your wedding photography. Then look for a photographer who fits your budget.

Choose your style

Everyone has different expectations from the photographers. While some people want their shoot to be like a documentary, others want the photos to be like a journal. Some want vintage-style photos while some want quirky and candid pictures. In the same way, your definition of the best destination wedding photographer in Udaipur is different. So, look for someone who understands your style and clicks your pictures accordingly.

Do proper research

Do not book the first photographer you come across. Do thorough research on various photographers and their portfolios. The person that you think is good for you might not be able to meet all your expectations. So, study all his previous work carefully before hiring him. Also, go through their online reviews before making a decision. Ask your friends and family if they know someone who can fulfill your demands. Do not select the photographer based on one source.

Weigh your options

Now, you have two options, hire a resort photographer or a local photographer. Of course, both of them have their own advantages and disadvantages. Some resorts do not allow photographers from the outside to shoot for the wedding. So, if you choose to hire a resort photographer, he will have complete knowledge of the resort and how to take pictures at a particular spot. On the negative side, you do not have much choice in choosing the photographer. You may be looking for the best destination photographer in Udaipur but, who knows, you may even end up with the worst!


If you choose a local photographer, you can choose the best from the many options available to you. You can carefully study their portfolio and make a decision based on your needs. There are chances that you would find the best destination photographer in Udaipur and that too at a low price. On the negative side, you will have to do wide research which could take some time. Now, you decide which option works best for you.

Prepare the expenditure list

After choosing the photographer, make a list of all the expenditures you will incur. Estimate the money to be spent on travel, food, clothes, pre-booking of the destination, and some other needs. Only then should you proceed to the later stages.

Maintain uniformity in all your shoots

Okay, so this is something ignored by many. Finding uniformity in all the wedding photos is rare. The wedding photos sometimes become so diverse that you lose the connection between them. The consistency throughout the shoot makes it look more beautiful.

Decide the type of photos you want in advance

In the excitement of your wedding, forgetting one or two things is normal. So, it is also better to create a list of the photos that you want to be clicked. Also, you will know what to do when the photographer asks you to pose. You will be confident in facing the camera on the day of the shoot.

The personality of the photographer

Some people will argue, how does the personality of the photographer affect you? But, honestly, it does. If the photographer is jolly and talkative you will not hesitate in answering any of his questions. But if he is rude and arrogant you will be afraid to ask him anything.

Maintain an amicable relationship with the photographer

You might have noticed how easy it is to talk with your friends. You can tell them everything without being shy. In the same way, if you establish an amicable relationship with the photographer, it will be easier to put forth your demands. 

Here are a few things that should look for in the Best Destination Wedding Photographer in Udaipur:

Best Destination Photographer in Udaipur

Work Experience

The first thing that is required in types of work is experience. You do not want to give the entire responsibility of the photoshoot to someone who is a newcomer with zero experience. Naturally, it is difficult to trust such a person. So, look for someone who has some amount of experience in wedding photography.

Willingness to travel at all times

Now, you would want to some pictures early in the morning and some late at night. So, you should hire someone willing to cooperate at all times.

Comes in your budget

Now, you may have found someone who is experienced and ready to work at times of the day. But he is of no good if he exceeds your budget. So, set your expectations accordingly.

Unique style

You certainly want your wedding shoot to be unique and beautiful. If doing what everyone else is doing something you do not like, look for someone who has a unique style and talent for clicking pictures. Their unique taste can bring beauty to your photographs that no one else can give you.


Lastly, you would want someone who is compatible with working with you. If he understands your needs and demands and goes out of their way to give you the best photos, he is the person for you.


Choosing the best destination wedding photographer in Udaipur is somewhat similar to choosing your life partner. If you make the right decision, you will be satisfied for the rest of your life. If you do make a mistake in choosing the right photographer, you will regret it. So, weigh your options carefully and make a decision based on all the tips mentioned above. Vows and Tales fill all the checkboxes!

Here are a few tips to Choose the Perfect Destination for a Wedding Photoshoot

Best Destination Photographer in Udaipur

Now that we have covered how to choose the best destination photographer, it seems a little unfair not to give you tips to choose the perfect destination for your wedding photoshoot. So, continue reading to find out how the wedding destination should be.

Represent your Story

Everyone has a unique story. Make sure that your story comes out through your wedding destination otherwise what is the purpose of the photoshoot? Choose a destination that has memories associated with it even though it is not a very beautiful place. For example, the place where you and your partner met for the first time.

Brings out your PersonalitY

The next thing that you should consider is that the destination should bring out your personality. Choose a location that tells something about you and your partner’s personality.

Select a theme for the Photoshoot

The next important thing while selecting a destination is to choose the theme for the photoshoot. For example, you want a photoshoot with pets and animals. So, you need a location where you could get hold of animals to accentuate the shoot. Similarly, you may want a photoshoot with lots of snow and ice. The destination should be a hill station in this case. So, consider the theme of the shoot as the destination will be based on it.

Know your destination beforehand

Lastly, visit the destination before the day of the shoot. Observe the surroundings and see where the pictures will come out to be the best. Decide your poses and the photos that you want based on the landscape and the scenic beauty.


That will be all from our side. We hope that this article will help you choose the best destination wedding Photographer in Udaipur as we are one of them. If you want to know more about Vows and Tales you can check out our website.