Get The Complete Guidance On Choosing Your Best Destination Wedding Photographer in Goa

The journey of love to a commitment of a lifetime deserves to be cherished and captured. The story begins with two shy faces with nervous smiles slowly blossoming into a gorgeous-looking couple who calls for the attention to be captured forever. The story that usually begins with small talks and gradually turns into deep and meaningful talks makes Vows & Tales commit themselves to capture the sweet bond through the vision of the couples. We believe that every couple is unique and every story is different from the other. The special moments to the turning points in life paving the way to marriage rightfully deserves to be recorded. At Vows & Tales, we capture the amicable bond shared between the couple and capture their story. Being the runners-up of Wedding Sutra - Wedding Filmmaker of the year 2019 and also the runners-up of Wedding Sutra - Wedding Filmmaker of the year 2020, for two consecutive years Vows & Tales remains committed to their service.


Destination weddings most importantly call for the best photographer. It is through the proficiency of the eligible photographer that the story of every couple gets captured through the lens. Vows & Tales have dedicated themselves to sharing their expertise in destination weddings. We have photographers that don’t only capture the moment for you but add life and emotions to the photograph as well. If you are planning for a romantic destination wedding at the white sand beach of Goa this article will provide you with all the guidance that you will require. Get the best destination photographer in Goa with the help of Vows & Tales. 

What Should Be Looking For The Best Wedding Destination Photographer In Goa?

Wedding is one of the most auspicious events of our life. Vows & Tales understand the true emotions and therefore commits to providing the importance of choosing the best destination photographer in Goa. The beautiful beaches with the perfect soothing environment deserve to be captured in the best resolution by the person who possesses the capability of bringing life into the image. A destination wedding photographer needs to have a vision and the creativity to showcase their talents. Certain things need to be kept in mind for a destination wedding. Choose your wedding destination photographer in Goa wisely by following certain basic rules. 


Before you venture into finding the best wedding photographer it is very important to have a vision of your own. Vows & Tales will help you provide guidance depending upon your budget and your criteria. We understand the perspective of our clients and work accordingly. The selection of the venue is extremely important which is significantly dominated by the budget you have in mind and the time constraints. 


After you select the Venue, at Vows & Tales we will help you by guiding you through the style that would fit perfectly according to the theme that you desire. You might have a more authentic traditional wedding in mind while the simplistic modern wedding style might vibe with your personality. The blend of touch of retro with a modern outlook might bring out the best with the theme style wedding at Goa. We will guide you through it. 


When it comes to choosing the best wedding photographer in Goa it is very important to choose the one who can understand your vision. At Vows & Tales, we have certified wedding photographers who possess the unique capability of interpreting the thoughts of our clients. With their portfolios for your reference, we will provide you with the guidance to choose the best. 


Sometimes it is also best to gain the experience through the locals. For your destination wedding, you can also rely on the resort photographer or the local photographer who is accustomed to the authentic concept of the state. 


However, at Vows & Tales, we believe that for choosing the best destination wedding photographer in Goa, it is the consistency of the photographer that is required. Our team comprises of the best wedding photographers who are not only consistent with their but at the same time are also very particular.


We understand that our clients have their criteria and therefore before assigning them the photographers we first look into the “must-have” criteria that the client wants. It is very important to have a favorable relationship between the photographer and the client. A photographer’s vision can only come to life by understanding the perception of the client. Top-class service before anything else is our motto.


At Vows & Tales, expert and professional photographers commit themselves to providing an outstanding experience for our precious clients. 

What Makes a person the best wedding photographer in Goa? 

When it comes to deciding the person who is going to be the best photographer for your dream wedding destination, there are certain matters that you can’t ignore. In the above section, we have discussed what one needs to look at while picking up the best destination and the photographer that will suit your taste.


Vows & Tales are dedicated to meeting the requirements of the client with their dedicated services. Therefore, we understand the sentimental point of view of our clients. We offer nothing but the best who can understand what the client requires. It is the mind to perceive the vision of the client which shows the actual talent of the photographer. When it comes to choosing the best wedding destination photographer in Goa, we offer a wide range of options. Depending on the kind of budget and the theme that our clients want we assign the best photographer. 


We understand the apprehension that our clients might have. And therefore, we offer photographers with the best skills and very high experience in the field of wedding photography. There is a huge difference between normal photography and wedding photography. Wedding photography includes the pre-wedding shoot, wedding shoot as well as post-wedding shoot. Only an experienced photographer will possess the capability of producing the best results when it comes to a destination wedding. The experience of a person speaks for the work that the person can produce. At Vows & Tales, our best photographers have at least 5 years of experience in this field. 


For destination weddings, it also falls under the predicament of the photographers to travel early before the shoot. They should at least have the perception in their mind regarding the theme of the shoot and therefore, travel of at least a day or two early is always necessary. Therefore, for choosing the best wedding destination photographer in Goa which is known for its scenic beauty with the smooth gush of air and waves that calms the mind choose someone willing to travel early before the actual shoot day. 


Another major factor that should be kept in mind is the budget. When it comes to destination weddings the chances are likely that your budget is comparatively high. Wedding destinations in Goa can be expensive and therefore, choosing the best wedding destination photographer in Goa with the budget that you have is another specimen that can’t be neglected. At Vows & Tales, we offer a varied range of photographers with different budgets showing their unique style and talents. It is also very important to see that the style that you want matches the vibe of the photographer. Every photographer is different and clients with specific requirements will need to have a special look at this matter. 


You must be sure of the fact that you are compatible with the working pattern of the photographer. The best results can only be produced by the mutual understanding and compatibility of the clients and the photographer. At the end of the day, it is teamwork that will give the best result. 

Quick Tips That You Must Not Forget While Choosing The Perfect Destination For Wedding Photoshoot


While choosing the venue of your dream wedding always in mind whether the venue suits your personality or not. It is very important to have a destination wedding that suits your personality type of you. If you are someone who admires the simplistic flow of life with the perfect blend of calmness Goa is the one for you. Your wedding story also plays a very important role. If the destination that you want is personally connected with your love life, the wedding photoshoot becomes more meaningful. 


Communication is the key when it comes to wedding photoshoots. Your vibe and your expectations must be laid upfront when it comes to choosing the theme of the photoshoot. Vows & Tales before assigning their clients with the best photographers will try to conceive the notion and idea the client has in their mind. We assign our best photographers according to the requirement of the client.


The best wedding photographer in Goa will ensure they visit the location before the day of the actual shoot. It helps the photographer to develop a perception of how to shoot. Therefore, we suggest that when it comes to choosing the best photographer for your dream wedding, keep these certain factors in mind.